San Diego Artificial Turf

Go Green and Save Green!
Southern California is currently in a Stage 2 Water Crisis - everyone needs to do their part.  Traditional sod requires up to 90 gallons of water per square yard every year to stay green.  Our turf requires ZERO water.  Save money and our valuable water resources year after year with Zero Turf's synthetic grass!


Welcome to Zero Turf, San Diego’s premier artificial turf and grass company.  Whether  your goal is to conserve water, have easy turf maintenance, or just beautify your yard, Zero turf has artificial turf tailored to your needs.  Our San Diego artificial turf installers specialize in synthetic turf and are licensed professionals with years of experience installing turf with attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest.


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Our turf contains no traces of lead or other RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals. 


Zero Turf residential artificial turf products are not only beautiful and affordable, they are technologically advanced, efficient, easy to maintain, and most importantly, safe for your family and pets. Whether it’s a front lawn, back yard play area or dog run, there is a Zero Turf artificial grass product perfect for your application.


Zero Turf Uses the Newest Artificial Turf Technology


The newest San Diego synthetic turf technology in infill products is our Durafill silicone granules.  Some companies will use sand in their turf, but this can absorb moisture and pet urine which causes sand to compact and plug the drainage holes, as well as promote bacterial growth in the turf.  Our Durafill product has a .007% absorbtion rate, will not compact or promote bacteria, and will keep turf much cooler than black rubber.  Not to mention it’s green color blends perfectly with your turf, giving it a natural look.


Today, artificial turf is more beneficial than ever, and artificial turf is easy to have installed.  With water rationing in affect in most parts of San Diego, homeowners are struggling to keep their lawns alive.  Irrigation and maintenance hassles are expensive and time-consuming.  Dog owners have it that much worse.  Zero Turf has the perfect solution. Call us today for a no obligation complimentary design consultation 1-877-750-8873.


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